Bigger Fish for Three Mobile

There’s plenty more fish in the sea, they say, and it turns out they’re all more than willing to tell you about Three’s new ‘all you can eat everything’ plan. This full CG 30’ spot by Boys and Girls was concepted, animated and directed by Framestore, all on a remarkably swift three and a half week schedule. The outcome was little short of stunning and a real stop in your tracks piece of art made with a great team.

For this project I only assisted a very small amount and this work was done along side the Tooned animation series.

Most the rigging work was done by Amar Chundavadra and Kimon Matara. Both amazing riggers that are possibly some of the best out there. I assisted in making some blendshapes for the little fishes facial rig and made some of the fin setups for the body rigs, which were used across a few of the little fish. This whole project was done to an amazingly tight schedule with rigging only having under a week. Amar and Kimon did an amazing job here at Framestore.


#3Mobile #Advert #CGI #Maya #Rigging

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