I am a Technical Director and Senior Developer with 10 years of experience making high end automated systems with python. 


My jobs have involved automating pipeline workloads, creating rigging tools and automated 3D rigging systems and GUI's.


I have given Technical Direction to; Discovery Channel, Channel 4, BBC, CBBC, CBBC's Dennis and Gnasher, Toilet Duck, Next Home, Ron Arad, Nature’s Own, British Airways, Valentino, McLaren, the opening credits of Bond’s Skyfall and Mobil 1. Recently, I have been making an AI Rig Building System that uses machine learning to draw Automated Analysis for rig placement.

I love all things programming and my ability to script with multiple languages has increased my own and my department's efficiency per project by several days, weeks and months in some cases. This has been achieved by analysing our pipeline needs, and automating/structuring large sections of our pipeline with python scripting to optimise on delivery.


Senior Technical Director

Passion Pictures

2021 - current


  • Working in Maya on bipedal and quadrupedal rigs for a AAA-rated game trailer alongside avatar development.

  • Working on driving standards to improve animation content delivery with bespoke automated rig builds.

CTO and Co-founder


2020 - 2021


  • Arthronica’s vision was to improve care for people suffering from Arthritis using already existing technology. 

  • Designing the tech stack and hiring all team members to produce the company POC & MVP using, Django rest, angular, ionic, Figma and BrowserStack and far more.

  • Setting up our ISO 13485:2016, HIPAA and CE Mark Class 2a compliant systems using AWS, Github and Jira.

  • Designing and setting the team OKRs, Roadmap for MVP and ML features.

Senior Technical Director

Touch Surgery

2017 April - 2019


  • Completing technical rigging tasks for clients using in house Python library.

  • Automating / Scripting pipeline requirements for new and current projects using Python.

  • Creating a Python AI to read MRI data and translate that to augmented reality deformation system.

  • Creating tools and PyQt/Maya GUI's to help the speed up rigging tasks and animators wherever possible.

Senior Technical Director

Jellyfish Pictures

2016 January - 2017 January


  • Creating 3D Animation, mocap and game-friendly rigs for: bipeds, quadrupeds, birds, creatures and props. Made in both realistic and cartoon rig styles using my automated python-based rigging system.

  • Completing Technical Rigging tasks for the studio and clients.

  • Creating frontend user tools for animators and pipeline solutions using Python.

Technical Lead

Double Negative

2015 April - 2015  December


  • Managing technical requirements of our visual effects studio in London.

  • Managing our asset management system (Shotgun).

  • Providing automation solutions with Python.

  • Liaising with production staff to address slow pipeline areas and addressing them.

Technical Director

Burrows CGI

2013 October- 2015 April


  • Providing help with a solid understanding of building and maintaining data heavy pipelines.

  • Creating frontend User Tools with PyQt/PySide and pipeline solutions using Python.

  • Providing technological solutions with Python and multilingual scripting.

  • Automating back-end pipeline tasks with various API's using Python scripting and Python frameworks.

  • Working with large data sets and automating their loading, reading and output with Python algorithms.

  • Specifically XLS, XML, Json, SQL, CSV, Raw internet data.

Technical Director


2012 May - 2013 October


  • Working with an experienced Technical Director to program and complete tasks for clients.

  • Creating 3D animation rigs using python and supporting animators with their requirements these.

  • Creating control and deformation mechanisms on various different 3D models using Python.

  • Automating/scripting pipeline requirements for new and current projects using Python.

  • Creating tools and GUI's to help the speed up our department wherever possible.

  • Meeting deadlines assigned by production management.

    • Working for: Mobil 1, British Airways, Nature’s Own, Next Home, Valentino, McLaren, Opening credits for Skyfall (Bond Film)

Technical Direction and Freelancing

Saddington Baynes and Various Agencies

2010 October- 2012 April