Prehistoric Megabeasts

Rigstore Rigs make the showcase with this amazing work done for Jellyfish Pictures. This work was done in early 2016 for Channel 4 with these creatures on a quick turn around and needing a lot of time saving technology, which we were able to add to help the animators.

Megabeasts Snake and Croc

The crocodile was made using our quadruped system and the snake using our head setup with an FK / IK spline tail, with an additive joint setup for the path constraint animation. This meant the snake could still have FK and IK animation on top on the path constrained animation that was applied.

Megabeasts Snake eaten

The snake came with our in house path constraining tool that saved the animators and job hours and possibly days of time. The tool just needed a nurbs curve that was shaped to the path desired and then our tool added the snake to this path.

This gave the animators the ability to move the curve, but without Maya's software bug and crashing issues that come with path constraints. They could also then control the speed along the path of the snake and add more layers of animation on top of the path.


Channel 4 Video Link

Splice TV Video Link


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