Vehicle Rigging

90% of my vehicle rigs are made with with my automated vehicle rigging system. It automates the harder side of the mechanics and adds all the features that can save animations hours of time per day, when animating tough scenes. 

If you need dynamic suspension, path constraining systems that control the direction of a vehicle, while attaching its wheels to the floor and rolling them, then definitely talk to us as these features mean you can get a city with cars moving in no time.

Tooned Police Car

Most of the Tooned vehicles were rigged by Amar Chundavadra, before I was on the Project with him at Framestore. But, later on in the series other cars were modelled for me to play with and build systems for.


This police car had squash and stretch systems over the body and the wheels. Bendy systems over different areas of the car to make deformations as cartoon like as possible and of course there were plenty of secondary controllers to make animators lives easier with all that was going to be done with the car.


Default Rig Setup

With our default rig build as you can see here. All cars come with squashy run flat tires. Suspension control. Roll and turn controls over multiple controls.

The wheels can all be animated to roll at once or independently. The front steering can be turned with the steering control or aimed at this control, whichever works best for animation. The round control above the engine controls the tail of the car for drifting.

The teapot hides all the rest of the luxury control that this rig has to offer!

Bruce McLarens Car

The new series of Tooned continued in episode two, which took us right back to the beginning, to New Zealand in 1952 where 14 year old Bruce McLaren discovers his passion for racing. 

Fully rigged car with all sections rigged to break.

Emerson Fittipald Tooned Formula Car
Tony Stewart Tooned Car
Ayrton Senna Tooned Car
Mobil 1 Spaceship
Tooned Police Car
Car Rig Controller Setup
The Caravan Film Vehicle
Tooned Formula 1 Car
Tooned Car
Tooned McLaren Car