Opening Title Sequences


Opening Title Sequence

As one of the first rigging jobs done working for Framestore. The brief here was to provide a rigged stag that may or may not be animated for one of the opening scenes in the Skyfall Title Sequence. The scenes were still under massive scrutiny and we were informed that the Director may take or leave shots and evolve them with very little notice, so flexibility was key with the rig.

The stag was rigged in around a day for posing with polishing taking around another day. The stag was given many little features to help with layout and the effects part of the pipeline including; a low, medium, high, proxy switch for poly density and some preset poses saved with the rig.


"Framestore did a great job on the VFX for the title sequence, working with the very talented Daniel Kleinman on his sixth Bond titles. This team always produce great visuals and we were really pleased with the final results." Barbara Broccoli, Skyfall Producer

Framestore’s team was lead by William Bartlett as VFX Supervisor, who was joined by Diarmid Harrison-Murray (Head of 3D Commercials) and Russell Dodgson (Head of Nuke Commercials). The team developed sequences in parallel with regular input from the director. “One of the challenges was to give the artists room to develop ideas, with the understanding that some might be dropped or changed as the job evolved," says Dodgson. "The aim is for a cohesive sequence, that feels like it comes from one person’s mind. No one can be too precious about their own pixels!”