Wing Build Script

These images are not from the rig that we made but from the models previous Cinema 4D use.

Wing Rig Python Build Script

The brief here was to take a model for a robin that was used in a Cinema 4D rig and make a film rig for it in Maya. The film was due to come out later in 2017 and sadly had the shots cut from it before the animation first pass. But, the script ideas that were born gave rise to the fully autonomous wing rig plugin that I use today.


The advert images shown are from this previous rig and sadly I cannot name the rigger as his name was not divulged with his work. Furthermore, to reiterate these advert images are from the model and previous renders of it. 

Bird Rig Controller Setup
Landing Pose
Neutral Pose
Close Pose
Flying Pose
Flying Pose 2

When writing the wing build script, the main goal was to think of future rigs and how to take care of variables that would change and therefore need to be taken care of dynamically. For example, the number of feathers, their position, direction, shape is very unlikely to be the same from model to model. Therefore, the code had to reflect this and be smart enough to build based on whatever number was passed and however the feathers looked.