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With over 90% of the creature and character rigs made by my rigging system. This new CBBC show "Dennis and Gnasher" came out in 2017. The animators did an amazing job! It made me really proud to see the work that was produced here. With over 30 rigs made for both hero and background characters, including Dennis, Gnasher and all the characters you see above and below.

I provided the solutions to this quick turnaround character demand show by automating as much of the workload as possible for each character build.​


30+ Body & Facial Rigs

The animators requested a lot of new features that were hard to make on a fast turn around individually and not normally offered on such tight deadlines. Although, with more intelligent python automation on all of these tasks, these requests not only became achievable, but 100% stable too.

The best of these automations in my opinion was the sticky lips system that was automated in under a few thousand lines of code. These modules added some great new mathematics, nodal and surface functions to my python library. This tool was made smart enough to work with any facial setup, all that was needed for the script was the mouth edge loop selected by myself. The script then analyze, build and weight this entire setup ready for use.

“Dennis and Gnasher have been unleashing their own particular brand of mischief on CBBC for many years and their ardent fans will be delighted by this wonderful new series from two of the UK’s most notorious rascals,” said Cheryl Taylor, controller of CBBC.

Beano Studios has also hinted that a Dennis-led Beano movie may be in the works, saying that it was “exploring plans” to take its characters to “bigger screens and stages worldwide”.