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From January 2020 to August 2021 I was working as a co-founder and CTO of Arthronica. Sadly, Arthronica were unable to gain seed funding and was unable to continue, but the software will continue to help patients with the digital diagnostic firm that has bought the software.

Arthronica’s vision was to improve care for people suffering from Arthritis.

The Arthronica website was built to help people suffering from Arthritis gain the best clinical outcomes through remote monitoring, determining if diseases are responding to treatment or if the conditions are in remission.



Arthronica was a CE-marked Class-1 medical platform with FDA Breakthrough Device Designation Status and had unique technology to measure disease-activity remotely using any IoT device accurately. This is measured using joint range-of-motion (ROM), which also gauges swelling without the need for external tools or a trained clinical input.


Arthronica’s methodology used machine-learning-models on smartphones or laptops with a standard camera to capture users’ movements while following instructional videos. Proprietary artificial-intelligence networks were trained across millions of data-frames, generating a tool to quantify a disease activity with a high-degree of accuracy remotely objectively.


I was involved as much as I could be in Arthronica, but my main focus was on product management, compliance, implementation strategy and the key to it all user experience.

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The human cost of pain and suffering is rarely something agreed upon, but when the actual cost is so staggering, what more needs to be said? Studies conducted in 2017 in the USA found the following from 2013:

  1. $157 billion spent on arthritis‐attributable medical expenditures.

  2. $326 billion lost between medical expenditures and earning losses.

  3. 1.9% of GDP for that year lost to arthritic pain.

Nearly 2% of 16.7 trillion dollars was spent on arthritis. A condition with no cure, with treatments that can only slow it down. Effective pain management and early detection could save billions to the US and UK economies.


Arthronica’s vision is to improve care for people living with arthritis. We aim to do this by optimising current care interventions and providing additional non-medical care routes to increase patients outcomes.