​While working at MPC, I was lucky enough to work on Dolittle (2020) and the Cats (2020). For Cats, I was working on the muscle system for Cassandra and Gus.
For Dolittle, I worked on the giraffe's muscle system and corrective pose shapes. The giraffe was an interesting biomechanical study regarding the range of movement that he would be pushed through along with the movement that would be done in the film. Some great scenes required the giraffe to go to some extremes.
If you haven't seen Dolittle and the amazing work that the teams at MPC did on the animals, what are you waiting for!​ Of course, I am biased, but the rigs look brilliant, and the groom/rendering teams were a joy to watch bring the animals to life. The gorilla and the dog characters were absolutely stunning!